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Curcuma & Boswellia 90 capsules

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Quick Overview

90 capsules Capsules with 300 mg each of Curcuma and Boswellia extract Curcuma is one of the most popular spices in India where it has been used for hundreds of years as a fixed part of the daily diet. Known for it's yellow colour, it also part of many curry spice blends in Europe. In folk medicine, Curuma is mainly used for it's anti inflammatory properties, which makes it a very popular choice for people suffering from arthritis. Many nutritionists recommend therefore to make Curcuma a part of your daily diet. If you don't want to use Curcuma in your kitchen but would still like to benefit from it, then capsules are a viable alternative. Boswellia is also an age old spice which was originally use in Egypt. In Europe it has had a firm part in medicine since the middle ages. Boswellia grows mainly in east africa and in india where it grows under very harsh conditions. The tree forms a protective layer with resin which is where the boswellic acid can be found. Boswellis is used against a large variety of ailments and can also be part of a healthy diet. Our capsules contain a boswellia extract with 65% boswellic acid. For maximum benefit, Curucma/ Boswellia capsules should be taken over a longer period of time. While some people already report positive results after as little as seven days, others may need up to six weeks to feel a noticable positive effect. Recommended dosage: take two capsules daily with lots of liquid Ingredients: Curcuma Extract, Boswellia Extract, Gelatine, Magnesiu stearate